Helping you become a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen

At Bitizen Consulting, we want you to be a safe and informed citizen of the Bitcoin economy. Our knowledgeable Bitcoin professionals can advise you in the following areas:

  • How to acquire bitcoin (BTC) using KYC and non-KYC methods depending on your threat model.
  • How to onboard you or your business to the Lightning Network to enjoy fast and cheap transactions.
  • How to manage Lightning Channel liquidity (e.g., on-chain/off-chain swaps, channel fee management, circular re-balancing, etc.)
  • How to install and operate BTCPay Server for self-sovereign merchant services.
  • Development of Backup and Recovery Plans (including testing) for private keys, user data (e.g., transaction details), and stateful information (e.g., lightning/off-chain state).
  • Planning and implementation of multisig wallets.
  • How to set up different lines-of-accounting for your on-chain funds.
  • How to transact privately by using various CoinJoin and Coin Control techniques. How to manage your UTXOs to maintain forward-privacy.
  • Key ceremony best-practices and methods to reduce key compromise risk.
  • Small business specific services:
    • Networking other business and customers in related sectors or geographical areas with Lightning Network.
    • Advertising that your business accepts Bitcoin on top bitcoin business directories.
    • Assisting in listing your lightning node on top lightning node directories.

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Privacy-Centric Service

We operate our services based on open source software and, whenever possible, minimize the use of trusted third parties. This includes marketing emails, secure messaging, video conferencing software, and of course, bitcoin and bitcoin related software. Open source software is more transparent than closed-source software and can therefore be more secure.

Risk Management

When operating in the Bitcoin Economy, you MUST learn to manage your risk. That means putting long-term savings into a hard-to-access multi-sig (maybe multi-party) wallet. At Bitizen Consulting, we teach you methods to manage your risk, including how to apportion funds to reduce your overall exposure. We can help you setting up a Cold Storage / Warm Storage / Hot wallet to manage that risk.