Helping you become a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen

While we will try to cater to specific needs of customers with special requests, we will be offering standard services in 2 tiers, as well as 1-on-1 online consultation. As a note all costs are quoted in USD but will be paid in BTC equivalent at the time of the purchase. Only payment in BTC will be accepted.

Individual Tier

Access to a bitcoin consultant at any time with a guaranteed response time of 48 hours (while typically responding within 1 hour) through our Matrix homeserver and Element chat application
Consultants can walk you through the world of the bitcoin economy and help initiate you and will be there for questions

Individual Tier Cost:

  • $50 USD for 1 month
  • $135 USD for 3 month
  • $250 USD for 6 months
  • $400 USD for 12 months

Small Business Tier

Everything listed in the Individual Tier plus:

  • Up to 3 hours per month 1-on-1 online consultation
  • Lightning Network channel liquidity connected to your geographic and industry cluster of businesses to enable Lightning Network users to more readily send your business lightning payments without requiring them to set up a new channel
  • Advertising on platforms that display Bitcoin and Lightning Network accepting businesses

Individual Tier Cost:

  • $250 USD for 1 month
  • $650 USD for 3 month
  • $1200 USD for 6 months
  • $2000 USD for 12 months

1-on-1 Online Consultation

We also offer 1-on-1 online consultation through Jitsi, open-source video conferencing software running on our servers, where we can advise you on anything you require that is bitcoin related

Individual Tier Cost:

  • $40 USD for 30 minutes
  • $60 USD per hour

Custom Projects

Custom work can also be performed. This will be project based and pricing will be evaluated when the scope of the project is agreed upon. Feel free to contact for more information.