Helping you become a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen

After months of work, we are finally ready to introduce Bitizen Consulting. Our slogan is "Helping you become a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen." But what does this mean exactly?

Becoming a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen means that you have taken the time and the effort to control your financial future by adopting Bitcoin as your primary economic tool. First are foremost, you need to own and have exclusive control over your Bitcoin private keys. It means you should be running and using a fully-validating Bitcoin full node. It means that you should be using privacy-preserving techniques such as Tor, Coin Control, multisig, etc. Becoming a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen means taking control of your financial future. But to do that, you must learn and work to minimize your risks.

Becoming a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen takes time and effort. You can't go from "nocoiner" to Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen in one simple step! Becoming a Bitcoin Citizen is more like a journey of continuous improvement. Technologies are constantly improving over time and you MUST remain vigilant in adopting relevant techniques to protect yourself in the Internet Age.

At Bitizen Consulting, our objective is to help you become a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen. We consult with individuals and small businesses alike to help you along this journey. For many people, the first step is buying a small amount of Bitcoin. We can assist you in acquiring Bitcoin using KYC and non-KYC methods. Once you have some experience and skin-in-the-game, we work to ensure that you have properly secured your Bitcoin. We can help you perform secure key ceremonies and teach you how to backup (and restore) your Bitcoin private keys, or for the more security-conscious, set up one or more multisig wallets.

We understand that most people have their own objectives and can't "go down the Bitcoin rabbit-hole" to the extent we have. You have a life and things to do, or maybe you run a business. Let us help you prioritize your Bitcoin journey! We prioritize work with the goals of minimizing risk and overall costs!

Whether you are brand new to bitcoin or have some experience and want to level up how you operate, we can help you! We operate exclusively with open source software to keep your customer experience secure and private.

Have questions? See our Services page for additional details or email us at Worried about email privacy? Use our PGP key.