Helping you become a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen

To demonstrate the types of sites Bitizen Consulting is capable of creating for our clients, we created Old City Bitcoiners, a Bitcoin-only meetup in St. Augustine Florida. One of the objectives of this site is to minimize the reliance on for organizing a meetup. We use open source software to provide coordination features similar to!

This site uses Ghost as an online publication platform. When a new meetup is announced, a new post is created and an email is sent to all subscribers. For privacy-conscious users, ghost provides an RSS feed as well! We also use Nextcloud to provide calendaring (and other) functionality. Finally, we leverage Matrix protocol to provide for public and private chatrooms.

Old City Bitcoiners leverages the Bitizen Consulting BTCPay Server to accept Lightning and on-chain payments to offset operational costs. If someone wants to donate a large amount of Bitcoin, an on-chain Bitcoin address is provided. For smaller amounts, Lightning payments are the only option. We expect this to be the default behavior moving forward. No one wants to deal with UTXOs with tiny amounts!

Check out the site today! It's a great case study if you want to monetize online content!