Helping you become a Sovereign Bitcoin Citizen

Introducing a client of Bitizen Consulting, Modern Chiropractic, owned and operated by Dr. Jenny Malkiel. Dr. Jenny Malkiel serves anyone in need of a chiropractor but specializing in prenatal treatment.

Dr. Malkiel became interested in Bitcoin as an investment and as a form of money in early 2021. Accepting bitcoin for chiropractic services made sense to her! She was in need of a system to allow her to accept bitcoin payments at her office.

Bitizen Consulting was able to quickly provide a Bitcoin invoicing solution based on BTCPay Server. This solution allows Modern Chiropractic to accept on-chain and Lightning Network payments which helps minimize transaction fees for repeat customers. Bitizen Consulting was able to guide Dr. Jenny Malkiel to list the Modern Chiropractic lightning node on, a growing directory of publicly listed lightning nodes and added Modern Chiropractic to, a great looking global map of merchants and ATMs that accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

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